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Dr. Peter Collins is een Britse diëtist, werkzaam in Australië. Hij is onderzoeker en is zeer innovatief en origineel in de informatieoverdracht. Zijn facebook pagina Clinical Dietetics heeft bijna 27.000 volgers.

Over vier dagen sluit de inschrijving van een nieuwe online cursus van Clinical Dietetics, met dr. Peter Collins als docent: Master the Nutrition Care Process in 6 Clinical Dietetic Cases, A critical application of the NCP

Deze cursus is voor studenten, beginnend diëtisten maar ook voor zeer ervaren diëtisten.

Nederlandse diëtisten krijgen een korting op deze cursus!  De kortingcode NTVD-OFFER geeft een korting van 45 AUD op het cursusbedrag van 395 AUD

Lees hier de vragen en antwoorden over deze cursus.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone using the Nutrition Care Process, either within their studies, in clinical practice or in teaching Medical Nutrition Therapy. Therefore, if you’re a student enrolled in an accredited dietetics program, a clinical dietitian working in the acute/post-acute setting, or a university lecturer, this course will be a valuable educational resource.

What if I’m currently studying dietetics at university, won’t I have already covered the topics of this course?

No, this is a course with a difference. It has been specially designed to compliment the knowledge you will gain in medical nutrition therapy lectures and tutorials. By taking the time over 8 weeks to unpack and critique the process, as well as discuss the strengths and limitations of the NCP framework, it will help student dietitians better leverage their knowledge across their assessments and clinical placements.

What is the format and duration of the course?

The interactive online course runs for 8 consecutive weeks, with new content released each week. In order to successfully achieve the course learning outcomes, progress with your fellow classmates, contribute and benefit from the weekly scheduled discussions, it will require a minimum of 2 hours per week of your time. The course delivers educational content through a variety of methods including written, audio-visual, downloads, hyperlinked references and reading lists, multiple choice questions (MCQs), a closed community group and weekly question and answer live discussions (alternating GMT and AEST).

How is this course different?

This is a course with a difference! Whilst you will learn a lot of information (knowledge) from university Medical Nutrition Therapy modules and textbooks, the purpose of this course is to help students and dietitians take the time to examine and reflect on how they critically apply this knowledge into practice. The course does this by exploring the complexities of competency based assessment when it comes to clinical dietetics and the utility and limitations of each step of the Nutrition Care Process. By having a deeper understanding of the process, students and dietitians will be more confident in applying their knowledge and expertise in a standardised manner across a variety of clinical caseloads and settings (from the hospital to home).

What are the key course dates?

  • Monday 17th June – Enrolment OPENS
  • Sunday 30th June – Enrolment CLOSES (10:00PM AEST)
  • Monday 1st July – Course STARTS!

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes, you sure do! Your one-ff enrolment in the course once provides unlimited access and will also provide ongoing access to the closed discussion group (Master the NCP) linked to the Clinical Dietetics Facebook page. This group brings together a supportive community of students and dietitians to be able to ask questions and discuss the content of the course. Best of all, if there are any revisions to the course content based on clinical evidence updates or changes in practice, as a course alumni, you will have access to these updates!

What if I have missed enrolment and the course has closed?

Due to the interactive nature of the course, including weekly Facebook Live discussions on the exclusive ‘Master the NCP’ community page, there are only two intakes per year. If enrolment has closed, make sure you register for the Clinical Dietetics online newsletter to be notified of the next scheduled intake.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

At Clinical Dietetics online we would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your investment, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.